Management Assessment

A management assessment is a tool used to assess the leadership’s overall strategic and operational abilities.

BackerSkeie’s clients are typically a company’s CEO or board of directors. The need to assess the leadership’s composition often arises in connection with:

  • Strategy changes
  • Acquisitions and sales of businesses
  • Business start-ups
  • Stock exchange listings
  • Restructuring
  • Succession planning
  • A new chair of the board or executive

In such situations, BackerSkeie can quickly put together a skilled team of consultants and perform a management assessment adapted to the client’s specific needs.

Evaluating management

The management assessment typically comprises the following elements:

Requirements specification

Our work is based on a clear definition of the necessary expertise and qualities against which individuals and teams are assessed, and which are necessary to realize the company’s vision, goals and strategy. A thorough requirements specification forms the basis for further work. We create a leadership expertise matrix that enables us to assess the team as a unit.

Assessment process

In the assessment of each executive, we combine sector and function expertise with a structured and fact-based assessment process based on four steps:

  • Obtaining information about the company and each unit’s strategy, target performance, operational skills and cooperation
  • Assessing each individual executive’s expertise using our tools combined with in-depth interviews focusing on facts, skill sets and motivation.
  • Assessing academic and professional results
  • Summary and recommendations

Reporting and advisory service

Each executive’s strengths and limitations in relation to their skill set, motivation and qualities are measured against their current and future role, while we also assess the whole leadership team and the overall composition of experience and expertise. This enables us to provide advice about the team’s role distribution and reveal any knowledge gaps.

Executive assessment

An overall assessment of the leadership can also provide an opportunity for each executive to reflect on their own development and career. BackerSkeie can also provide input to individual executives on their development and future career path. This will give the organization valuable insight in terms of future recruitment, leadership development and succession planning.

When an executive needs an external partner with whom to discuss his or her development, or an assessment of an executive in the company’s leadership, we can assist with our expertise and experience.

Read more about how we can assist your company with executive search here.

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