Board- and Leadership consulting

BackerSkeie offers comprehensive consulting for more effective management teams and boards, aimed at strengthening the company's strategic and operational results through the right competence, structures, culture, and processes.

Evaluation of leaders and teams

BackerSkeie often works with CEOs or board chairpersons to analyze how the leadership team can function more effectively.

Here are some situations where an evaluation of your leadership team can provide great value:

  • Strategy changes
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • New establishments
  • IPOs
  • Reorganizations
  • Succession planning
  • New CEO or board chairperson

In such situations, BackerSkeie quickly assembles a competent team of advisors, and conducts leadership and leadership team evaluation tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Leadership team evaluation typically consists of the following elements:

Requirements Specification

The foundation of our work is a clear definition of the necessary competence and characteristics that individuals and teams are to be assessed against, and which are necessary to realize the company’s vision, goals, and strategy.


For each leader, we conduct an evaluation as a structured and fact-based process based on four steps:

  • Gathering information about the company’s and each unit’s strategy, goal achievement, operational capability, and cooperation.
  • Evaluating each leader’s competence using tools combined with in-depth interviews focusing on facts, competence, and motivation.
  • Evaluation of academic and professional achievements.
  • Summary and recommendations.


Each leader’s strengths and limitations regarding competence, motivation, and characteristics are considered against current and future roles, while we also evaluate the entire leadership team and look at the composition of experience and competence as a whole. This is necessary in order to advise on role distribution in the team and uncover any competency gaps.

Development of Potential

In connection with a total evaluation of the leadership team, there may also be an opportunity for each leader to reflect on their own development and career. BackerSkeie can provide the individual with input for self-development and further career path. This will simultaneously provide the organization with valuable insights for future recruitment, leadership development, and succession planning.

Individual and Team

Our leader evaluation can be tailored to entire teams (Management Assessment) and the individual leader (Executive Assessment).

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Evaluate and build efficient Boards

Effective board work is becoming increasingly demanding in markets characterized by ever more complexity and dynamics. Effective board work requires the right competence and composition in combination with a good culture and organization. Clarifying the board’s responsibilities and tasks towards management is also important.

Board recruitment and evaluation are important success factors for value creation in a company. BackerSkeie has extensive experience in finding the right board candidates and evaluating how a board functions.

The following questions will be important to address for an effective board:

  • What are the company’s vision, goals, and strategy?
  • Is the competence and organization of the board optimal?
  • Is the culture of the board optimal?
  • What are the responsibilities and tasks of the board towards the leadership?
  • How does the level of the board compare with competitors’ boards?
  • Is the best chairperson available in the market on the board?
  • Can the board effectively support growth, acquisitions, or an IPO?

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