As a result of better health in large parts of the world we experience a world consisting of more and more people and also an increase in life expectancy. This, combined with a strong growth in prosperity, has led to a large and growing market for health services, both in the public and private sector.

The main purpose for the health sector, is providing a better and longer life for people. Companies being able to offer services and products ensuring better life quality as well as increased life expectancy, are the companies that will succeed in the future. To succeed, great leaders are needed.

Challenges and opportunities

The health sector is expecting a rapid growth. Several of people who in the future will need health and care services, are also willing to invest money in their own services. Consequently, there is already a growth in private health and care services. Providing services increasing the quality of life and lifespan, will also be services the sector will experience as having great demand.

As in several other sectors, digitalization is very relevant within the health sector. Not only for production and distribution of drugs, but also for the entire sector, technological advances will provide new opportunities within the next years. We experience a major focus on health and welfare technology, which is leading to health and care providers being able to increasingly use technology to facilitate work processes and the everyday life. Consequently, greater cost-effectiveness and the opportunity to provide more health for the same amount of money is created. We experience numerous companies now specializing in delivering technological solutions within the health sector. Increased use of technology also increases the risk of data being misaligned. The health sector is subject to strict regulations regarding both patient care, drug use, testing and development and the processing of health information. Treating the data confidentially, and in compliance with government regulation, is therefore crucial for the entire industry.

One of the major challenges the health sector is facing, is that it largely has people as scarce resources. It is expected that this scarcity will increase sharply. The companies’ ability to discover new non-human resources and to make better use of human resources, will therefore be essential in the future.

Requirements for future leaders

The health sector is based on something completely different than numerous other industries. Its purpose is providing health promotion services, regardless if it is extended life or quality of life. A basic prerequisite for being a leader within the health sector, is sharing this desire and being able to identify with this corporate social responsibility. The essence is understanding health, ethics and how to prioritize this alongside financial results. The ability to be able to balance this is crucial as a leader within the health sector.

Further, it is imperative to facilitate for innovation as a leader within the health sector. In the future, there will be a shortage of human resources. Therefore, the ability to make the most out of these resources, can be crucial to success.

BackerSkeie has long and extensive experience in recruiting leaders to the health sector. Among other things, we work with clients in:

  • Hospitals and other treatment institutions
  • Nursing and care services
  • Home services
  • Health and welfare technology
  • Medical and pharmaceutical production
  • Medical equipment
  • Drugstore

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