Strategy and Business Development Officer

To gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world, strategy and business must be continuously developed and adapted to the market. Owners place great demands on business development.

Requirements for growth, sustainability and increased shareholder value necessitate digitalization and development of new products, services, and business models. This expertise is crucial to have in your organization. The competence must be centrally located, highly placed in the organization and can be an important resource for the CEO.

A strategy and business development officer must be able to think of overall improvements internally around improving work processes, and externally towards new markets and new business areas. The ability to embed and instigate strategy at every level of the organization is critical to succeed. The best executives in strategy and business development know how to use technology actively to develop processes and business. They are solution-oriented, observant, and innovative. They dare to challenge established truths, they are market-oriented and look at things from different angles.

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Why choose BackerSkeie for your executive recruitment?

Industry specific and functional competence: Through the recruitment of strategy and business development officers in various industries, our experienced consultants have accumulated considerable expertise in recruiting strategy and business development officers in your industry.

Placement power and network: We have extensive experience in attracting the ideal candidates on relevant terms. Our brand has a strong reputation in the market, and we have a wide network of candidates and informants that we bring into each recruitment process.

Quality and experience: BackerSkeie has over 15 years of experience in the market, and has consequently established a robust and innovative methodology for recruiting strategy and business development officers to clients with high requirements. To deliver the best matched candidates, we have a thorough process and uses only certified tools. BackerSkeie has expertise in recruiting.


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