IT and Digitalization Officer

The importance of IT and the possibilities of digitalization have increased in recent years and will continue to increase in the future. IT and digitalization officers are therefore facing endless opportunities which must be identified in accordance with the desires and needs of the company.

This requires technological expertise as well as the ability to see the whole picture and understand the business and customer journey. It is important to have the ability to identify challenges for employees and customers and to solve these by using available technology.

The IT and digitalization function usually has both internal and external customers which put great demands on their services. The company’s customers expect intelligent and customized customer journeys. The company’s employees expect the technology to help them achieve at maximum level. At the same time, the CEO and management team expect an IT and digitization officer who acts as a sparring partner and opener for new technological opportunities. With this, IT and digitalization officers often also function as business developers.

IT and digitalization officers face several challenges. Security is one of the biggest challenges. Requirements for transparent solutions and integrations often make data more easily accessible, while the consequences of a security breach can be large. Another challenge is supplier management and procurement. Few organizations have all the necessary expertise in IT and digitalization internally. It is therefore necessary to use external suppliers, which makes it essential for IT and digitalization officers to be competent in procurement and supplier management.

The best IT and digitalization officers often can drive change management. Implementing new processes and new parts of the value chain requires that the project is anchored within the management team, as well as wise leadership and the ability to execute.

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