Board Director and Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) have overall responsibility for the company's strategy, development, and operations. In order to ensure that the board is functioning as intended, it is imperative that the board has complementary expertise.

Financial Officer

A competent and professional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and finance function delivers significant value to the company. The ability to foresee the consequences of strategic decisions is a critical capacity, whether it comes to capitalization, investments, or operations.

IT and Digitalization Officer

The importance of IT and the possibilities of digitalization have increased in recent years and will continue to increase in the future. IT and digitalization officers are therefore facing endless opportunities which must be identified in accordance with the desires and needs of the company.

HR Officer

It is the people who create the results. It is therefore very important to have an HR function that ensures that the company has the best leaders and employees and brings out the best in each one.

Chief sustainability officer

Sustainability and ESG affect all companies and industries. Many companies are looking to appoint a dedicated chief sustainability officer with special responsibility for this area of the company.

Sales Officer

Sales revolve around understanding the customer's needs and solving those needs with the help of products and/or services. With this, sales functions today are just as much business partners who conduct competence-based sales, rather than pure sellers of products.

PR and Communications Officer

Today, PR and communications officers can often play a broad role. This includes responsibilities for internal communication, public affairs, publicity, external communication with the media and public, and branding.

Legal and Compliance Officer

An important prerequisite for all companies is legal operations. This is also something that all companies, even in strictly regulated industries, manage. However, every legislation and regulation are influenced by grey areas.

Operation and Logistic Officer

New technology has led to major changes in everyday life for operations and logistics officers in recent years. Companies who provide logistics, distribution or merchandising, are particularly dependent on the best operational and logistics officers to achieve strong results.