PR and Communications Officer

Today, PR and communications officers can often play a broad role. This includes responsibilities for internal communication, public affairs, publicity, external communication with the media and public, and branding.

Communication, branding, and marketing are today closely linked. External communication is primarily about building a position and a brand for the company. There are increasingly blurring boundaries between communication and marketing. PR and communication roles therefore no longer only entail journalistic work, it involves at least as much work related to branding and reputation management. It is therefore important to think in broad terms when recruiting PR and communications officers. They must function well in operational communication work, while also having a holistic view and being able to function at a more general level related to branding and reputation management.

In recent years we have also seen an increasingly complex everyday life in PR and communication. Fake news, social media and, not least, increased demands from customers and other stakeholders related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, have made the role even more important, as well as difficult.

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Why choose BackerSkeie for your executive recruitment?

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