Consultants with knowledge within different industries are crucial to solve assignments with the highest quality of process and candidates.

Great industry expertise provides the client with a significant added value through increased quality and precision. Knowledge of long-term trends and sudden changes within different industries and companies are crucial to make sure that our consultants can deliver the highest quality.

Daily expert discussions with top executives and board experts in one industry and in various companies, make us the advisors and partners we desire to be with clients and candidates.


Banking, Finance & Insurance

The financial industry experiences rapid and fundamental change. Both established companies and new fintech companies contribute to a great pace of innovation and disruption of the traditional value chains and products.

IT, Telecom & Media

IT, telecom, and media are industries characterized by high rates of change. The technological solutions are constantly evolving, customer behavior and demand are constantly changing, and the pace of change appears to continue at a rapid pace.

Public Sector & Non-Profit

In the Nordics, the public and non-profit sector has a strong position. For example the total public sector expenditures accounts for more than 50% of Norway’s GDP.

Consumer & Retail

The industry includes grocery, trade, logistics and the supplier industry. Digitalization provides great opportunities, but also challenges, for the industry. E-commerce, customer journeys, product information, transport and logistics are all important areas that are affected by digital solutions.

Sustainability and ESG

Sustainability and ESG affect all companies and industries. BackerSkeie considers all companies with sustainability as the main goal of their business operations to be sustainability and ESG companies.

Industrial Sector

Today, the Nordic industrial sector is characterized by a high degree of automation and low energy costs. Cheap access to clean energy is often a reason why numerous industrial companies still want to stay in the Nordics.


Norway has a large production of hydropower, a huge potential for the development of wind power and is a significant producer of oil and gas. The energy industry is Norway's largest industry in production value and accounts for about half of Norway’s exports.

Professional Services

Professional services are a collective term covering a wide range of professions and roles. The sector is characterized by a development in which more and more companies, both in the public and private sector, are associated with specialized expertise for specific needs to a greater extent.


As a result of better health in large parts of the world we experience a world consisting of more and more people and also an increase in life expectancy. This, combined with a strong growth in prosperity, has led to a large and growing market for health services, both in the public and private sector.