Board Director and Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) have overall responsibility for the company's strategy, development, and operations. In order to ensure that the board is functioning as intended, it is imperative that the board has complementary expertise.

In addition to act as a supervisory board, responsible for hiring and following up the CEO, the board provides leadership in the development and execution of a strategic plan. In many companies, the board’s most important role is to be a strong partner for the management in strategic discussions. In times of rapid change, this role is especially important.

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The CEO’s most important task is to ensure that the company has the best management team and employees, and to bring out the best in each one. It is the people who create the results. How should the company be organized, operated, and scaled to deliver value to shareholders and society at large? What changes must we make to renew ourselves and further strengthen our position? These types of questions are important for CEO’s today.

A CEO’s job is to define goals for the company together with the board, and to ensure that these goals are achieved. To achieve this, very high demands are placed on a CEO. The CEO must not only understand the organization, its framework conditions, surroundings, and employees. The CEO must also be able to generate overall enthusiasm as well as create an enthusiastic approach towards the goals, both internally for the employees and externally towards the owners, the board, customers, suppliers, and the authorities.

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