Industrial Sector

Today, the Nordic industrial sector is characterized by a high degree of automation and low energy costs. Cheap access to clean energy is often a reason why numerous industrial companies still want to stay in the Nordics.

At the same time, we experience that more and more production is moved to low-cost countries. Thus, several industry companies have production in numerous countries. This ongoing adaption to ensure as cost-effective production as possible, including utilizing the technological opportunities within the industry, are often considered crucial success factors. To succeed, great leaders are needed.

Challenges and opportunities

Industrial companies often need to balance their desires about products and variations with cost efficiency requirements. In high cost countries there are limitations to what companies can find profitable to produce, and what should rather be produced in other countries, either by subcontractors or by their own factories. Sometimes, to carry out the production in a cost-effective and sensible manner can be difficult to balance perfectly. A key part of operating cost-effectively is controlling logistics. This may be demanding, particularly if there is production at several different locations.

Opportunities for automation have been a revelation for several industrial companies. Processes which previously demanded manual work and required a great amount of manpower, do not necessarily have the same demands today. This has required large investments. However, these investments tend to pay off and provide the opportunity to be innovative around production and operation compared to what was previously possible. Here, the companies have several future opportunities.

A key part of the challenges facing several industrial companies, is product- and sales strategies. The ideal mix of products and pricing are crucial to succeed over time. Additionally, industrial business is often capital intensive. As a result, it requires a reasonable financial structure for the companies.

Requirements for future leaders

The greatest industrial leaders have complete control over operations and production. These leaders have a unique understanding of all parts of the company’s value chain and can see each part of the chain and its opportunities and challenges. This is crucial in order to be able to operate efficiently, but also to continuously improve the processes.

What is also essential for industry executives, is understanding the competitive arena the company currently faces, how this competitive arena is evolving and how to position themselves in this landscape. Further, it is crucial to understand the overall economic drivers of the different countries to position their company optimally, based on international opportunities.

BackerSkeie has long and extensive experience in recruiting leaders to industrial companies. Among other things, we work with clients in:

  • Export industry
  • Food industry
  • Engineering
  • Waste and recycling
  • Metal industry
  • Machinery industry

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