Executive Assessment

Through an executive assessment, our clients can receive an independent third-party assessment of a candidate.

An Executive Assessment may be necessary if:

  • An internal employee is a potential candidate for a position
  • An external candidate who is already known to the company is a potential candidate for a position
  • A number of candidates have been identified and the client needs assistance to map who is best suited

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Hiring a new executive

BackerSkeie will assess whether there is a match between the position and candidate. This means pinpointing the right role for the candidate’s career and the right candidate for the position. The process of hiring a new executive has many pitfalls and the cost of recruiting the wrong candidate is high. Our job is to minimize this risk.

We go about this in the form of an executive assessment, whereby we combine sector and function expertise with a structured and fact-based assessment based on four steps:

  • In-depth interviews focusing on facts, skill sets and motivation
  • Reference interviews
  • Assessment of academic and professional results
  • Written reports on personality, analytical abilities and team roles

Candidate evaluation

An executive assessment provides a detailed picture of the candidate that can prove useful in connection with integration and follow-up after appointment.

Does your company need an executive assessment?

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