Public Sector & Non-Profit

In the Nordics, the public and non-profit sector has a strong position. For example the total public sector expenditures accounts for more than 50% of Norway’s GDP.

The public sector is changing and developing. Due to the accelerating technological development in today’s society, the expectations for public agencies solutions, case processing times and service levels are increasing. At the same time, we experience more companies putting more effort into delivering on key figures besides the purely financial ones.

Requirements for future leaders in companies with a clear societal mission

BackerSkeie has broad experience in recruiting leaders to the public sector, including organizations and businesses with a clear societal mission. We work with clients in the state sector such as ministries, government agencies and state-owned companies, in the municipal and county municipal sector, including organizations in the non-profit sector and interest organizations, as examples.

Our broad expertise from recruiting leaders within these sectors, has provided us with useful insight into public administration and governance, and in particular what the leadership role here entails. The ability to understand the social mission and how to deliver results, is essential to succeed as a leader in both the public sector and within an organization. An understanding of how to lead in a management line where policy development is laying foundations for the social mission, is a crucial competence. Digital transformation, as well as increased efficiency and productivity requirements, place changed demands to leaders also within the administration and the non-profit sector. Being able to communicate in a clear manner and good stakeholder management are key competences.

For leaders in the public and non-profit sector, there are high demands for professional legitimacy. Academic experience and relevance are central, both internally as a leader for employees with high professional expertise, and externally when communicating with the public and other stakeholders.

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Why choose BackerSkeie for your board or executive recruitment?

Industry specific and functional competence: Through recruiting numbers of leaders to the public and non-profit sector, our experienced consultants have accumulated considerable expertise in recruiting board members and executives to the public and non-profit sector.

Placement power and network: We have extensive experience in attracting the ideal candidates on relevant terms. Our brand has a strong reputation in the market, and we have a wide network of candidates and informants that we bring into each recruitment process.

Quality and experience: BackerSkeie has over 15 years of experience in the market, and has consequently established a robust and innovative methodology for recruiting leaders and board members to clients with high requirements. To deliver the best matched candidates, we have a thorough process and uses only certified tools. BackerSkeie has expertise in recruiting.


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