For a better world

BackerSkeie has a vision of better leadership for a better world. Every day, we work towards better leadership for our clients. In addition, we have a pro-bono program to support charitable organizations, besides supporting the work of at least 3 charitable organizations every year.

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Pro-bono Program

Non-profit organizations and projects depend on good leadership to achieve their goals and carry out their important work for society. Through our pro-bono program, BackerSkeie offers support in the recruitment of leaders to charitable organizations. If your charitable organization needs assistance with the recruitment of skilled leaders, please get in touch.

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We Support Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations do tremendous work in developing a world more fair, inclusive, and sustainable. These organizations are at the forefront of addressing our time’s greatest challenges around poverty, education, environment, and health. Every year, BackerSkeie contributes to at least three organizations with donations that help create a better world and a better future.

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