Operation and Logistic Officer

New technology has led to major changes in everyday life for operations and logistics officers in recent years. Companies who provide logistics, distribution or merchandising, are particularly dependent on the best operational and logistics officers to achieve strong results.

The complexity of the operations and logistics function is further increased due to more international activity which involves foreign subcontractors and production across borders, as well as customers all over the world.

The best operations and logistics officers have two advantages. They have a strategic mindset and think of entirety rather than entity. The ability to think holistically and strategically around procurement, flow of goods, production and coordination towards sales, market and product development is important. By using technology, the best operations and logistics officers will continuously strive to streamline operations through digitalization and automation.

The tasks are complex, especially for those who operate in several countries and conduct international operations, but at the same time the benefits of having operations and logistics under control are even greater.

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Why choose BackerSkeie for your executive recruitment?

Industry specific and functional competence: Through the recruitment of several operations and logistics officers in various industries, our experienced consultants have accumulated considerable expertise in recruiting board members and chief executives in your industry.

Placement power and network: We have extensive experience in attracting the ideal candidates on relevant terms. Our brand has a strong reputation in the market, and we have a wide network of candidates and informants that we bring into each recruitment process.

Quality and experience: BackerSkeie has over 15 years of experience in the market, and has consequently established a robust and innovative methodology for recruiting operations and logistics officers to clients with high requirements. To deliver the best matched candidates, we have a thorough process and uses only certified tools. BackerSkeie has expertise in recruiting.


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