Norway has a large production of hydropower, a huge potential for the development of wind power and is a significant producer of oil and gas. The energy industry is Norway's largest industry in production value and accounts for about half of Norway’s exports.

The industry has great opportunities for further growth because of increase in global energy demand and new technological opportunities. Nevertheless, the environment and climate are the biggest challenges to the industry. The companies that can balance safeguarding the environment and climate, and at the same time ensure increased access to energy, will be the future winners in the energy industry. To succeed, great leaders are needed.

Biggest challenges and opportunities

The climate challenge and the strive to meet climate goals are by far the biggest challenges for the industry whether it comes to the footprint of gigantic transmission towers, wind turbines, construction of dams, drying of waterfalls, or the direct and indirect emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases through oil and gas production on the Norwegian continental shelf. The opportunities lie in the increasing need for energy, and in finding technological solutions that increase energy efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment and climate.

The oil and gas industry and the petroleum policy have great potential in terms of developing more efficient production methods, electrification of the shelf, oil purification, and carbon sequestration and storage in the seabed.

Due to global mineral and metal scarcity, mineral deposits on the Norwegian continental shelf may contribute to growth for Norway. The geological understanding of the seabed and the technology we have developed in the oil industry may form the basis for future offshore mining.

New sources of renewable energy, such as wind power, face strong onshore and offshore resistance. Nevertheless, “tens of thousands” of wind turbines are needed if Norway is to strongly reduce its consumption of oil and gas. The development of new renewable energy solutions, which safeguards both the environment and the need for more energy, will have enormous market potential.

The traditional Norwegian hydropower industry is undergoing digital transform ation and “energy 4.0” solutions are changing the way energy is distributed and consumed. Power companies have become fiber companies and oil companies are becoming renewable companies. Sliding boundaries across industries in terms of different technologies and types of energy will continue. Companies that stay ahead of this development will be able to gain significant competitive advantage.

The hydrogen economy is another area with huge market potential. Conversion of natural gas to hydrogen and production of hydrogen from renewable energy have the potential to become the future energy carriers. Successfully increasing energy efficiency in production, storage and consumption of hydrogen is considered to provide enormous market opportunities for companies.

The energy sector is undergoing rapid technological development, and the expertise we have gained through hydropower and oil production puts Norway and Norwegian companies in a unique position to develop future solutions in energy production, storage, and use.

Requirements for future leaders in the energy industry

When recruiting leaders for the energy industry, we are looking for people who have both the professional competencies necessary for the position and who also understand the overall picture of the energy sector. We are looking for candidates who understand the development of access and use of energy products, who understand the interaction between fossil fuels and renewable energy, who understand the importance of energy carriers such as hydrogen, who are concerned about the environment and sustainability, and who understand the importance of access to energy for social and economic development, not only in the Nordics, but throughout the world.

Leaders in the energy industry must focus on international relations because of a globalized energy market. In addition, the best leaders in the industry drive positive change in their organizations.

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