Chief sustainability officer

Sustainability and ESG affect all companies and industries. Many companies are looking to appoint a dedicated chief sustainability officer with special responsibility for this area of the company.

The role of chief sustainability officer is a new function for many companies.

We also see substantial differences in how different companies choose to utilize the resource this member of staff represents, what level of the organization they are affiliated to and, not least, what authority and different responsibility portfolios they are assigned.

The first of two methods of organization that are perhaps most common is to appoint a chief sustainability officer who works mostly on PR and communication and is responsible for internal and external communication concerning sustainability, as well as coordination of existing work and efforts in sustainability areas. This can be a good solution for companies that already make significant efforts in sustainability.

We see nonetheless that the companies with the highest success rates choose a different organization and approach to the role of chief sustainability officer. In these companies, the resource is often organized in a way that resembles a chief strategy and business development officer, and they work closely with the whole management team at an overall and strategic level.

This approach can yield great added value when it comes to developing strategies and business models for the company in a future where sustainability and ESG are core aspects of success.

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