Legal and Compliance Officer

An important prerequisite for all companies is legal operations. This is also something that all companies, even in strictly regulated industries, manage. However, every legislation and regulation are influenced by grey areas.

Legal and compliance officers have a risk-based approach to grey areas. An ever-increasing number of laws and regulations, stricter and more comprehensive regulations, and new technologies and cross-border activities indicate that this picture is often unclear. Having competent leaders in this area with the right expertise is therefore crucial for many companies.

An officer responsible for legal and compliance issues must constantly keep abreast of new laws and regulations, both nationally and internationally. It is also important to actively facilitate compliance with laws and regulations in a sensible way according to the company’s activities and work processes. Some industries are subject to particularly stringent regulations, and therefore have a particular need for efforts to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, while at the same time processes in the company can work well. The best legal and regulatory officers not only have legal expertise, but also have a business understanding which means that they not only say no but also find good solutions in compliance with the law. At the same time, they also manage to highlight the business opportunities lies within the regulatory framework.

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Why choose BackerSkeie for your executive recruitment?

Industry specific and functional competence: Through the recruitment of several legal and compliance officers in various industries, our experienced consultants have accumulated considerable expertise in recruiting legal and compliance officers in your industry.

Placement power and network: We have extensive experience in attracting the ideal candidates on relevant terms. Our brand has a strong reputation in the market, and we have a wide network of candidates and informants that we bring into each recruitment process.

Quality and experience: BackerSkeie has over 15 years of experience in the market, and has consequently established a robust and innovative methodology for recruiting legal and compliance officers to clients with high requirements. To deliver the best matched candidates, we have a thorough process and uses only certified tools. BackerSkeie has expertise in recruiting.


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