Real Estate, Building & Construction

Real estate, building and construction are industries employing a large number of people while ensuring vital infrastructure in the society, from housing roads to railways.

The industry now faces several exciting challenges related to sustainability, digitalization, and changing political framework conditions. Expected population growth and high investment rates from public authorities, provide an exciting future for the industry. The companies being able to position themselves for further development by exploiting this situation are the companies that will succeed in the long-term perspective. To succeed, great leaders are needed.

Challenges and opportunities

Real estate, building, and construction primarily depend on the public sector. The real estate industry depends on how zoning plans and construction matters are processed and reviewed. The building and construction industry depends significantly on public contracts, and that real estate and housing projects are initiated. Thus, the public sector essentially sets the framework conditions for these industries. As a result, the industry can face some predictability and stability, and challenges at the same time.

The industries also depend on skilled employees. In addition to machines and materials, people are a crucial part of the companies’ resources, necessary for completing the projects. In high-cost countries, this is challenging. This, combined with the high demand for labor for the industry, has led to foreign workers being employed to reach sufficient workforce levels.

Two key challenges facing the real estate industry are the access to plots as well as high construction costs. Particularly in urban areas, the access to property are difficult, resulting in high prices demanding good profitability in the overall project. Simultaneously, some parts of the industry, such as commercial real estate, are facing lower demand due to increased e-commerce. Further, it will be interesting to figure out how Covid-19 will be affecting the demand for office and hotel properties.

Requirements for future leaders

Leaders within real estate, building, and construction must be business-oriented, cooperative, strategic, and able to use modern technology to optimize the results while ensuring sustainable development. Finding and developing opportunities, as well as the ability to position your own company, is crucial.

The leaders also need to handle partially value chains. There may be several different subcontractors, as well as employees, required to be appropriately coordinated in ensuring maximum utilization of available resources. Leaders within the industry with an understanding of how the public affects their position is an advantage, given that the industries are completely dependent on public contracts or that regulatory processes have adequate progress.

BackerSkeie has long and extensive experience in recruiting leaders to real estate, building and construction. Among other things, we work with clients in:

  • Property owners
  • Property developers
  • Real estate agents and service providers
  • Contractors – building
  • Contractors – facilities
  • Building products manufacturers and suppliers

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