IT, Telecom & Media

IT, telecom, and media are industries characterized by high rates of change. The technological solutions are constantly evolving, customer behavior and demand are constantly changing, and the pace of change appears to continue at a rapid pace.

The ability to drive innovation, inventions and change in line with customer needs characterizes the most successful companies. To succeed, great leaders are needed.

Challenges and opportunities

The industry is characterized by high investment costs or high labor costs. This combined with great competition results in low margins in large parts of the industry. Several parts of the industry are struggling with the lack of proper expertise. There are many skilled employees in the industry, but thousands of new IT specialists are still needed to meet the needs of the future.

We also see that both IT, telecom and media are becoming increasingly interconnected, and that areas are consolidating. Former traditional telecom providers now offer content services, the media delivers its content to a greater extent on digital platforms, and major IT giants have become media providers. This means that we also see a great deal of price pressure and fight for costumers. The ability to find new service models, business models, sources of income and expansion of business areas is therefore important to ensure continued growth of the company.

The industry’s market is global and does not necessarily depend on national boundaries. This presents both challenges and opportunities. Nordic companies are given great opportunities for international growth, while at the same time experiencing competition from foreign suppliers in the Nordic market.

Requirements for future leaders

Leadership positions in IT, telecom and media are very demanding. Where many industries are experiencing rapid change, these industries are experiencing the same changes twice as fast. This require successful change management, willingness to change and innovation. Understanding your own business and what kind of value you create for your customers is important. The ability to understand this will also provide opportunities for innovation and inventions. The leaders who can think in novel ways and deliver on customers’ changing demands in the quickest way possible are likely to be the ones who succeed.

It is important for leaders to understand the international threats and opportunities. In an open market, one must be able to create value to the customers in their internal market, while at the same time identify opportunities for international expansion. Leaders who seize these opportunities in a sensible and controlled way can create great value for their companies.

BackerSkeie has long and extensive experience in recruiting leaders in the IT, telecom and media industry. We work with clients in:

  • IT consultancies
  • Hardware Vendors
  • Software Vendors
  • IT operations
  • Telecommunications
  • Content and streaming services
  • Media

BackerSkeie has experienced consultants who have executive experience from several of these areas.

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Why choose BackerSkeie for your board or executive recruitment?

Industry specific and functional competence: Through recruiting numbers of leaders to IT, telecom and media, our experienced consultants have accumulated considerable expertise in recruiting board members and executives to this industry.

Placement power and network: We have extensive experience in attracting the ideal candidates on relevant terms. Our brand has a strong reputation in the market, and we have a wide network of candidates and informants that we bring into each recruitment process.

Quality and experience: BackerSkeie has over 15 years of experience in the market, and has consequently established a robust and innovative methodology for recruiting leaders and board members to clients with high requirements. To deliver the best matched candidates, we have a thorough process and uses only certified tools. BackerSkeie has expertise in recruiting.


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