Management for Hire

In a complex and dynamic world, leaders must respond quickly to changes with the right skills set.

BackerSkeie Management for Hire offers temporary hire of highly skilled managers and professionally strong experts within the finance function.

Better management information accelerates better leadership!

Temporary need for competence and expertise

A temporary need for expertise may arise suddenly. A temporary hire period typically lasts 6-18 months, and the need often arises when:

  • An employee has resigned, is on leave or has fallen ill
  • There is a hiring freeze in case of organizational changes, acquisitions or mergers
  • New tasks or legal requirements require specialist expertise, e.g. sustainability reporting or IFRS

Roles and tasks

Our clients are looking for experts for temporary hiring in many roles and tasks solved by the finance function, such as:

  • CFO, Finance Manager or Chief Accounting Officer
  • Accounting Manager, Business Controller or Financial Controller
  • Tasks within liquidity management, sustainability reporting tax and VAT, risk management and internal control

BackerSkeie Management for Hire can also assist in temporary hiring of managers and experts in other areas than the finance function.


Our clients often emphasize the following benefits of Management for Hire:

  • Rapid delivery
  • Flexible solutions
  • Good quality assurance processes
  • Temporary needs
  • Need for new expertise

Quality assurance

BackerSkeie Management for Hire conducts a thorough assessment of all managers and experts offered through temporary hire assignments. We always offer managers and experts who have extensive experience. The benefits of this are easy onboarding and delivering value from day one.

BackerSkeie Management for Hire guarantees a high degree of cost predictability so that you as a client only pay for the work done.

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