Danielle Matre Wolf

She has experience in marketing, CRM, sales, and customer relations from the IT sector. She also has several years of experience in retail and events.

Danielle holds a Master’s degree in Management from Kristiania University College. She is currently holding a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Sales Management with a specialization in Innovation and Change Management.

Fredrik Andrè Myhre

Fredrik Andrè has previous experience in case processing and change processes in a Norwegian educational institution. He also has experience working with life insurance through former jobs.

Fredrik has a master’s degree in work and organizational psychology from NTNU.

Ola Mork

Through his education in Norway, Germany, and Austria, Ola has gained insight into both national and international business, with an emphasis on management. In addition to experience in sales and customer relations, he has served multiple high positions in the student union at The Norwegian School of Economics.

No pressure, no diamonds

Ola holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration with specialization in Business Analysis and Performance Management from The Norwegian School of Economics, as well as a Master’s degree in Management from The University of Mannheim.

Anne-Sophie Tvegård

Anne-Sophie started her carees in BackerSkeie as a trainee, where she was involved in several of the company’s recruitment processes. She has previously worked at leadership conferences in Norway and Europe.

Anne-Sophie holds an MSc in Management and a BA in Hotel Management from Kristiania University College. She also has a BA in Business and Administration from Handelshøyskolen BI. In addition to her studies, Anne-Sophie is the current leader of the Master Associations.

Ingunn Lian

She has extensive experience searching for executives and specialists within IT, retail, public sector, and professional services.

We work every day with connecting skilled individuals to companies with a mission. This creates results for everyone.

Ingunn has extensive experience from other leading Norwegian executive search companies. She has previously worked as a team leader in the automotive industry, within marketing. Additionally, she has worked as an export consultant in Italy. At BackerSkeie she has contributed with the recruitment of several executives and specialists.

Ingunn received her Master of Business and Economics (Siviløkonom) from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). She also holds a Diploma in French from the University of Oslo as well as a semester-long student exchange at the University of Cologne. She has Norwegian as mother tongue and speaks English, French and Italian fluently.

Peder Juland

Peder has 13 years of experience in the search for leaders and specialists from numerous recruitment processes. The majority of the assignments he is working with are within IT/technology, FMCG/retail, and industry.

The opportunity to talk to the best candidates while cooperating with the industry’s leading consultants and researchers makes my job attractive, evolving, and interesting.

After completing his education, Peder worked in sales at, for instance, Microsoft. He has extensive experience working in both Norwegian and international Executive Search-firms.

Peder holds a BA Honors degree from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.