Leadership Assessments & Advisory

Facing organisational change, our clients rely upon our ability to assess the success potential of a given executive or management team. This challenge often occurs during critical phases such as:

• Management and strategy changes
• M&As
• Start-ups
• IPOs
• Succession & Onboarding

In such situations we put together a team of experienced consultants based on the relevant client requirements. The team will undertake an evaluation consisting of the following elements:

Defining strategy and roles
The basis of our work is to define the necessary expertise and qualities against which individuals or teams will be assessed, to ensure that the vision, goals, and strategy of the client company are foremost. Thorough interviews and documentation form the basis of every assignment -- defining the competence and personality needed by each person necessary in order to assess the team as a whole.

Evaluating individuals and teams
During the evaluation of each team member, we combine our sector and functional expertise with a structured and fact-based evaluation based on four main elements:

• Structured, in-depth interviews focusing on facts, competence and motivation
• Structured reference interviews
• Evaluation of academic and professional results
• Written reports on personality, analytical abilities and team roles

Reporting and consultancy
Each individual is described using an evaluation of his or her strengths and limitations in terms of expertise, motivation and personality as measured against the current and future requirements of the role in question. To create an optimal management team in a given setting, we look at the composition of the team’s experience, competence and management styles. This allows us to provide advice about the distribution of roles within the team as well as to discover any gaps in expertise.

Personal development
An evaluation can provide opportunities for executives to reflect on their own development and career. Our feedback provides executives with input on their own results and potential, while also ensuring that organisations can obtain valuable insights into the future development of their executives.

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