Executive Search

Nordic expertise
BackerSkeie's Nordic roots provide a competitive advantage, compared to our international competitors. All of our energy is directed to ensuring our best for our clients and candidates in the Nordic countries. This provides us a wide network of executives and experts to include in our assignments -- as candidates, sources and references. Our consulting and practice is also tailored the specifics of the Nordics, not a one-size-fits all approach.

Every client is unique
Our clients rely on us when they experience specific management challenges arising from the departure of executives or changing market conditions. Our consultants’ cutting-edge expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry and functions concerned enable them to engage in a close and relevant dialogue with the client to obtain any information required. Based on this dialogue and BackerSkeie’s sophisticated tools and methodology, a search for the right candidate begins. The client knows what the challenge involves, and as experienced consultants, we help define the best solution.

Searching for the best
Searching for potential candidates involves creativity, hard work, and a systematic approach,. Based on our thorough knowledge of the industry and functions involved, our teams undertake an in-depth market analysis to identify relevant candidates. However, the world is often larger than one would think. Therefore, our analysis and research teams help compile a list of relevant candidates and sources outside our customary sphere of influence. Many candidates recognise the intrinsic value of contact from a leading executive search company such as BackerSkeie, because networking opens doors to candidates and sources who would otherwise remain unknown. We strive to establish a constructive and honest dialogue with these prospective candidates and guarantee confidentiality and discretion.

Getting to know the candidates
Finding a good match between the position and the candidate is paramount. In addition, candidates should choose the right role for their development, based on their expertise. Employing a new executive can be challenging, and the costs incurred by recruiting the wrong person are high. Our role is to minimise the risk to our clients by combining a high level of sector and function expertise with a structured, fact-based evaluation process based on four main factors:

• Structured in-depth interviews focusing on facts, competence and motivation
• Structured and relevant reference interviews
• Evaluation of both academic and professional results
• Written reports on personality, analytical abilities and team roles

Long term partnership
BackerSkeie is devoted to fulfilling the expectations of both clients and candidates alike. We therefore follow up regularly with our clients and candidates to assure a smooth transition, positive relationships between the client and new executive, and a continued long-term partnership with both.

Our success is a result of the success experienced by both our client company and the candidate.

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