Board recruitment and assessment

The roles and tasks of the board of directors are changing and the boards of leading companies are now actively involved in developing strategies and plans, as well as setting the framework for the company's activities and maintaining an overview. The board of director's responsibilities and roles are clarified in legislation as well as guidelines such as those provided by the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board (NUES). In general, it can be said that each board’s responsibilities have become more extensive and there are greater risks relating to the company’s reputation and financial development.

These factors mean that the board must have broad and in-depth expertise that enables it to address the challenges the company encounters. Board recruitment and assessment are important factors for ensuring successful value creation, and BackerSkeie has broad experience of finding the right candidates and assessing how a board functions.

The following are important factors to address in this process:

  • Does the composition of the board comply with the company’s strategy?
  • How should the board work more efficiently to achieve better results?
  • How robust is your board compared to the boards of your competitors?
  • Are you recruiting the best chairman available in the market?
  • Can the board effectively support international growth, acquisitions or a stock exchange listing?

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