Board Assessments & Advisory

Does the composition of your board comply with the company's strategy?
How should a board work more efficiently in order to obtain better results?
How competent is your board compared to the boards of your competitors?
Are you recruiting the best chairman on the market?
Can your board effectively support international growth or an IPO?

Greater responsibilities and risks
Increased complexity and global competition have resulted in owners and shareholders having considerably higher expectations of their executive board. New legislation, coupled with the ongoing debate about corporate governance, is creating new requirements for cooperation amongst boards, owners and management. The overall responsibilities and risks have only increased these past few years.

Board recruitment for the right composition
Our consultants are experienced in the assessment and recruitment of board members for companies in diverse situations and markets. In critical and demanding situations, when new expertise and personalities are required in order to create a more effective board, we act as consultants. We help owners and election committees recruit new board members in accordance with their strategies, taking into account the existing composition of their boards.

Evaluation helps to produce better board work
A board needs to be composed of members who, as a whole, represent the right expertise and personalities to work together effectively. In some cases, although the composition of a board is excellent in terms of expertise, some members may need to be replaced in order to ensure better cooperation and communication in the board room. In other cases board members might work well together, but lack expertise in strategically critical areas. Our most experienced consultants assist with the evaluation of board expertise in relation to a company's specific strategy and challenges.

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