In recent years, the demand for services has increased as the result of more intense competition, core business specialization, and outsourcing. More and more professional and international clients outsource functions and services, imposing increasingly rigorous demands on their suppliers in terms of service level and cost reduction. As a result, suppliers face greater and greater challenges in recruiting and retaining the competence and capacity necessary to ensure their success.

The Services sector is complex and dynamic, and includes sub-sectors such as:

• Supply Chain & Logistics
• Shipping & Offshore
• Business & Services/BPO
• Professional Services

Requirements for the executives of the future
Due to advances in technology and the globalisation of business, today’s executives in the Services sector face many new challenges and opportunities. More intense competition and increased specialisation result in a larger share of the economy for outsourcing and service companies. Visionary and innovative executives help create the right culture and structure within their companies to meet these challenges. These are the executives our clients are looking for.

Our expertise and services
BackerSkeie consultants work actively with a number of leading companies in the Services sector, collaborating with executives for a wide range of exciting, high-profile companies within it.

In an increasingly globalised world, our consultants recruit executives who contribute to the organisation’s success, in both established and new markets. BackerSkeie retains one of the strongest teams in the Nordic countries to recruit executives for the Services sector. Its focus ensures high quality and precision in both the selection process and the candidates chosen.

Daily contact with executives and experts in the Services sector allows us continuous updates about the top talent in this sector. Because we often develop personal relationships with leading executives in this sector, we can rely upon them as sources or candidates when the right position becomes available.

Our market position and our personal relationships are often of decisive importance in the dialogue with and signing of the top candidates. We are committed to following up on the integration process to ensure a successful match, maintaining regular contact with the both the candidate and the client during the first year of transition.

Our service range for companies in the Services sector includes:

• Executive Search
• Succession Planning
• Support for Mergers & Acquisitions
• Board Assessments & Advisory
• Leadership Assessments & Advisor

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