Public Sector & Non-Profit

The Public & Non-Profit sector has an important responsibility in an extensive range of important social areas as administrators and providers of essential social services and products. Public administration entails the management of values and interests of critical importance to our society, therefore changes and decisions made can cause enormous social impact. Supervisory bodies, as well as the media, focus intensely on the public sector and the work of the organisations within it. Along with that focus, increased professionalization, globalisation and competition mean that the demand for effective, efficient management is higher than ever.

The Public & Non-Profit sector is complex and dynamic, and includes sub-sectors such as:

• Ministries & Departments
• Public Enterprises
• National and International Organisations
• Cultural Enterprises

Requirements for the executives of the future
The Public Sector and national and international organisations are facing extensive changes as well as managing large values and a vast number of interests. To handle these challenges, the executives of the future must be competent and experience in management, efficiency enhancement, and markets – within diverse fields and always in relation to public administration and policy.

Our expertise and services
In the battle for the best-qualified employees, it is critical to work with a recruitment partner who understands the unique responsibilities and challenges facing the public sector and the organisations within it: one who has the network to identify the most qualified candidates on the market, whether in the public or private sector. BackerSkeie has the necessary competence and the right network.

Daily contact with executives and experts in the Public Sector gives us this understanding, providing us continuous updates about the top talent in this sector. Because we often develop personal relationships with leading executives in the sector, we can rely upon them as sources or candidates when the right position becomes available.

Our market position and personal relationships are often of decisive importance in the final negotiation with and contract signing of the top candidates. We are obligated and committed to following up on the integration process to ensure a successful match, maintaining regular contact with the both the candidate and the client during the first year of transition.

Our service range for companies in the Public Sector and various public organisations includes:

• Executive Search
• Succession Planning
• Board Consultancy and Recruitment
• Support for Mergers & Acquisitions
• Assessments and Management Audit
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