Energy & Commodities

The Energy & Commodities sector occupies a natural and highly essential role in our world. Players range from small local enterprises to large international groups. In the years to come, huge investments will continue to be made in both onshore and offshore projects and activities. Increasingly scarce natural resources and more intense global competition demand organisations in this sector meet new requirements for efficiency and innovation. This demand entails great challenges, but it also offers unique opportunities for enterprises capable of exploiting the possibilities as they arise.

In the Energy & Commodities sector, we have performed demanding executive recruitment both nationally and internationally, particularly in the following industries:

• Oil & Gas
• Renewable Energy
• Suppliers
• Mining and Quarrying
• Agriculture and Fisheries

Requirements for the executives of the future
Large-scale changes make great demands on successful executives in this sector. New and more rigorous requirements for CSR and environmental considerations also entail new requirements for openness and risk management. Technological development gives rise to the possibility of new extensions and increased extraction rates. Executives in this sector must master change management and globalisation. The ability to manoeuvre effectively in the interaction between finance, politics, technology, and market will only become more significant in the future.

Our expertise and services
BackerSkeie has established itself as a preferred supplier of recruitment services in the Energy and Commodities sector, collaborating with some of the most high-profile, dynamic and exciting players in the sector -- both producers and suppliers. Our consultants are experienced in recruiting candidates for both national and international positions, in both new and established markets, for which the top talent is found regardless of geographical location.

BackerSkeie retains one of the strongest teams in the Nordic countries to recruit executives for the Energy and Commodities sector, with a focus that ensures high quality and precision in both the selection process and the candidates chosen. Our experience enables us to challenge our clients to seek creative ways to recruit executives. We can, for example, contribute to organisational strength by recruiting talented executives in change management, international sales or strategic development.

Daily contact with executives and experts in the Industrial sector provides us continuous updates about the top talent in this sector. Because we often develop personal relationships with leading executives in this sector, we can rely upon them as sources or candidates when the right position becomes available.

Our market position and our personal relationships are often of decisive importance in the dialogue with and signing of the top candidates. We are committed to following up on the integration process to ensure a successful match, maintaining regular contact with the both the candidate and the client during the first year of transition.

Our service range for companies in the Energy & Commodities sector includes:

• Executive Search
• Succession Planning
• Support for Mergers & Acquisitions
• Board Assessments & Advisory
• Leadership Assessments & Advisory

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