Our history

From the beginning, BackerSkeie recognized that recruitment is the single most important and difficult task faced by any leader in any organization.

Our history demonstrates this insight. Highlights include:

The early years

2004 Cato Backer and Are Skeie establish BackerSkeie with the goal of developing a leading executive search company and the desire to create significant value for clients by recruiting the best executives on the market.

2006 BackerSkeie recruits its first three CEOs for listed companies, acquires its first Nordic assignments, and quickly becomes established in the market and in specific sectors.

2008 BackerSkeie joins CFR Group, one of the world’s largest networks of selected companies specialising in executive search, securing a global reach for its clients.

From financial crisis to industry leader

2009 The oil industry secures growth and development. Our services are increasingly in demand in Stavanger, which requires that BackerSkeie establish a Stavanger office. The financial crisis creates favourable conditions for acquiring further market share.

2010 BackerSkeie is Norway's leading executive search company. Growth and results demonstrate a high demand for BackerSkeie’s services, indicating the company is able to deliver the utmost quality. The company's strategy relating to sector focus and continuous improvement work reaps dividends.

Continued growth and Nordic focus

2012 BackerSkeie expands with new partners experienced in executive management and consulting. Its organisation, infrastructure, and systems are developed further.

2013 An increasing number of Nordic and international assignments enables BackerSkeie to establish an office in Copenhagen and further strengthen its position in the Nordic countries.

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